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I woke up this morning early… after just a few hours of sleep…
and had to double-check that I did indeed complete the IRONMAN!!!
Hard for even me to believe.

We slept a couple short hours… but they were GREAT hours of sleep!!!
But when the alarm went off it was still dark. And we were still tired.
But they don’t sell IRONMAN Finisher’s clothing until the morning after.
And they say that it is first come, first served. And we wanted to be first. But we weren’t..
there were a dozen or so people ahead of us.

We got in, tried on a few things and snatched up a few IRONMAN Finisher’s items for myself.

My new IRONMAN Finisher’s jacket.

A new IRONMAN Finisher’s t-shirt…

After the Finisher’s Expo Tent, Chris and I were supposed to do breakfast with Pam & Jeff. Instead we both decided it was better for us to sleep. I crashed on my bed with my Crocs and jacket on. And Chris was quick to capture it on film…

And I caught her sleeping…

After a few hours of well-deserved sleep, Chris and I got our act together and packed up our stuff to head out. A long drive from Louisville to Chicago. Sort of dreading the drive… and not looking forward to getting out of the car after hours of stiffening up. We stopped for lunch and it wasn’t so bad. Stiff…. but everything loosened up as I walked.




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