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Look what arrived in my studio the other day… M&M S’MORES!!!
Yep, the online challenge worked.

I couldn’t find them in Chicago, but a few resourceful people have found them elsewhere. Congratulations to Liz from Massachusetts who was the first person to get them to me. For her “heroic” efforts, Liz gets a FREE MUG as promised.

I shared the sweet treats with my pottery class last night. Pretty tasty… but I do believe they missed the mark just a bit. I kind of think they should have made the light brown ones just graham cracker filled, the dark brown ones regular M&M chocolates and the white ones marshmallow filled. Instead they all taste the same – kinda like s’mores without the fun or gooey mess?!

Thanks to everyone who played along with my crazy challenge…
but you understand the “addiction” involved when you combine two of my favorite things…
M&M’s and S’MORES!!!

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April 27th, 2016

I’m glad you enjoyed the M&M care package. I wasn’t sure how you’d even know who they were from since I sent them from Amazon I did send an email as well). I’m sad I wasn’t first but it was fun trying. Love those mugs!

Vicki Zeimen

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