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Any day at an art fair can be long. Long hours on your feet.
Long hours selling work. Long hours answering questions.
It can get exhausting.

But oddly, I actually ENJOY doing art fairs. Getting out there to actually meet your customers. To meet your Facebook Fans. To watch them pick up your work… admiring, touching, caressing. And when you look up and see a face like THIS… what’s not to like?!!!

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Now don’t get me wrong…
Receiving a prestigious ribbon award at an art fair is pretty great.
Always unexpected. Always a highlight.

But THIS is the ribbon I most want to get year after year.
This is the one that counts!!!  $$$

This red ribbon is for being one of the Top 10 Seller last year at ART IN THE BARN. Which not only means I sold a LOT of pottery… but it also gets me a free double booth this year as my “prize.” Double the booth, double the pots!!!

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With an early start to ART IN THE BARN today, I didn’t have a chance for the morning bike ride. Instead I got a pretty incredible sunrise in my rearview mirror as I was driving out to Barrington. Mother Nature never fails to impress me.

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If you couldn’t make it to “Art In The Garden” and therefore you missed the tiled collaboration pieces I did with Cory McCrory. This weekend is your second chance!

Missed the “Garden” so come out to the “Barn.”
I’ll have the remaining collaboration tiled mirrors with me at ART IN THE BARN.
Great colors, great whimsy, great textures. It’s always fun to collaborate with Cory…
and these mirrors are going fast!!!

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A quick reminder about ART IN THE BARN this weekend.
It’s a great art fair on the grounds of Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital…. also the original grounds of Quaker Oats. And yes, I am indeed in the Barn!!! Moo. Lower Barn in my double booth E4 & E6. Saturday & Sunday from 10:00-5:00pm.

Double the booth. Double the selection. Double the fun.
Hope to see you there… and bring a friend or three!!

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Fresh from the kiln… the latest addition to “The Ghouls Collection”
will be making her grand appearance at ART IN THE BARN tomorrow & Sunday
from 10:00am-5:00pm in Barrington.

She’s going to look great with the other festive Ghouls in the collection…
Pumpkin, Skull, Frankenstein, Mummy, Vampire, Black Cat and now The Witch!!!
It’s a Limited Edition collectible… don’t miss out or she may just put a curse on you!!!

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Categories: sunrise
Categories: bike, sunrise

It started out very dark this morning.
But there were some great cloud formations that had incredible promise.
And it all came together for a spectacular sunrise sky show!!!

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This large platter came out of the soda kiln beautifully. And PERFECTLY FLAT !!!
I’m so happy that the Kiln Gods watched over it and all went well.

And a quick reminder of what it looked like glazes, but not fired yet…

The second platter has a little bit of warping to it… but then again, it was a LOT thinner from the start. Need to remember that lesson next time. “Don’t throw too thin on soda-fired platters if you want them to stay flat.”