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Three strange things happened this morning at the health club.
It was a seemingly normal morning when I arrived at XSport Fitness… and then…

1. When I got into the locker room, one of the club attendants (who is usually vacuuming the place) was washing his feet in the sink with a bottle of water? And then using a hair drier to finish the job. And yes, he was still in uniform and still supposedly “on the job.”

2. An elderly man was confused in the Locker Room and asked me where the exit was.
I said “Turn around” as the open Locker Room door was directly behind him.

3. When I got to the group studio workout room for my Step Class, the Zumba class before was still going. But instead of the usual instructor, it was Louis Van Amstel from “Dancing With The Stars” teaching the class.

I think it was a “surprise” guest appearance. I never saw any notices.
And no, the Zumba class was not dressed for the occasion…

What’s going on today?!
Maybe I need to buy a lottery ticket? Or at least stay safe inside my condo?!!!

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