Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Okay, so I’ve put off my handles for a little longer than I expected.
The snowstorm last weekend made it a little tough to get into the studio. And then things got busy… luckily I had time for a spray bottle and a good layer of plastic!!! My cylinders have been stamped & trimmed… and re-hydrated… waiting for handles to be attached. So today was the day… finally.

I started by pulling all of the handles, and then letting them set up a bit.
I want them to be dry enough that the stickiness is gone, but they’re still pliable enough to shape. With this many handles, it’s always a “race” to get them on before they dry too much!!!

And then when they’re ready… it’s a time to score, clip, attach & repeat.
Soon enough this most recent batch of mugs was done – handles in place!

I keep my mugs with fresh handles covered with plastic overnight. My theory is that the moisture in the clay can balance out a bit. I want the cylinder and the handle to even out a bit overnight. Then when I unwrap them the next day, they can dry more evenly.

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