Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
Categories: bowls, process, stamps

This past Tuesday night, I did a demo on making larger bowls. Remember, last week I introduced making “bowls on purpose” instead of a cylinder gone bad. This week we went a little further. And I showed them how to make a larger bowl… with a larger piece of clay! When I took my demo bowl upstairs to store it in my studio, it was still too wet to stamp. So I let it sit under plastic overnight so I could finish off the bowl with a little stamping!!!

Here’s the bowl after the first round of stamping.  Just a single row of stamping around the rim can make a HUGE difference. Suddenly, it’s no longer just a plain round bowl.

Next, I took the rounded end of my large loop trimming tool and did a little decorative curving of the edge. Lining up the curves in between each of the stamps.

And if one line of stamps is good… wouldn’t two rows be even better?! So I added another of stamps with a smaller “detailing” stamp just for fun. And sadly, you can’t see it, but I added another row around on the outside of the bowl too!

So here’s the “finished” bowl after stamping. Now it still needs to dry slowly to leather-hard so I can trim it. Then the usual… trimming, drying, bisque firing, glazing & final glaze firing!

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