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Done. With not even a day to spare.
My friend & metalsmith Sarah Chapman and I have been making ornaments every month as part of our “Monthly Holiday Ornament Challenge”… clever name, huh? I’ve been a little busy getting ready for last weekend’s Schaumburg art fair, so it was nice to finally take time in my studio last night working on my ornament. Sarah sent hers to me awhile ago… I was the slacker this month. But we made it… today is the last day of May. So technically, we made it just under the deadline!!!

Sarah’s ornaments for May are made of brass with a hydraulic pressed and hung with a red silk cord. Peace, love and hope “ribbon” ornaments for the holiday season.

I decided to tackle the porcelain again for my monthly ornament. I made large disks of clay and then pierced them and stamped them. Lots of dots. Lots of circles. Lots of fun. I’m kind of hoping that people’s Christmas lights will shine through some of the holes when the ornaments are hanging on their tree?!

They still need a little touching up. Some cleaning. Some finishing. And then some bisqueing! I’m thinking these porcelain ornaments will be glazed in a few different colors… and then have a wire hoop added to it for hanging. So far, so good… I’m trying to keep them flat… and in one piece. They’re kind of thin. And they’ll get even thinner as they shrink. I may need to make another batch?!… or two!



May 31st, 2013

I love them and you’re not even finished! And I do believe lights will shine through perfectly!

July 2nd, 2013

Well done! You could be proud about your skills.

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