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Let me just preface this by saying that I went to Step Class this morning.
With three risers, the board and wrist weights the whole time.
With that said…

Today I went out to lunch with my friend Pam from Lillstreet.
And by “lunch” I mean ice cream.

Pam had just finished her class, and I had just finished stamping all of my cylinders.
So it was perfect timing. We walked over to Margie’s Ice Cream for some yummy
goodness. After laughing at their goofy menu, we settled on our “lunch” choices.
And were pleasantly surprised when they showed up… and they were HUGE!!!

Yes… that’s a Turtle Split… made with chocolate ice cream, banana, hot fudge & caramel.
Okay, for those who are counting, that’s three scoops of ice cream, two “gravy boats” of
homemade hot fudge and another “boat” of caramel sauce. But who’s counting?… And
yes, the banana is good potassium. Ice cream is a dairy product for strong teeth & bones.
Hot fudge is chocolate from a cocoa “bean”… so it counts as a vegetable.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

So much ice cream. So much hot fudge. So much fun. I was like a giddy six-year-old.
Remember, no judging… I went to Step Class this morning!!!

After we had finished our ice cream, shared stories, laughed and solved all the problems
of the world, we felt it was time to go back to the studio to make more stuff. I knew
I had a lot of trimming to do! But we’re never in too much of a hurry to get back that we
couldn’t stop for a quick GeoCaching adventure… Pam’s first!

As we were leaving I checked the GeoCaching App and saw that there was one just a bit
down the street. So we went to find it. We looked for a couple minutes and Pam found it!
Her first GeoCache ever!!! It was hidden in a small blue bag… can’t tell you where…
you need to find it yourself! Pam opened the bag to reveal  a small tube with a scroll
inside to sign in. Then we replaced it so the next person could find it.

Pam has known of my “fascination” with GeoCaching for awhile now. And has often
scoffed… but now, after the childlike excitement of finding her first GeoCache, she
may be addicted like the rest of us?! One more adventure I’ve hooked her up with…

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