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Too funny… too true…
Day One from the “Les Miserables” Advent Calendar!!!

1. When Eponine comes in with “he was never mine to lose” in “A Heart Full Of Love”.
Mmmmmbest. ( It comes later than you think. Fourth verse.)

2. We have to assume someone is organizing an unofficial-but-come-on-sing-along-screening.
This sounds like fun.

3. Possible uptick in babies named “Enroljas.”

4. Wolverine is going to sing “Bring Him Home.”

5. Being able to call every weird trash heap of discarded and presumably bed-buggy
furniture a “barricade.”

6.¬† The end of having to hear about Anne Hathaway’s diets.

7. Helena Bonham Carter’s side-eye. Helena Bonham Carter’s everything, really.

8. It will suddenly be okay for a few weeks to reenact important scenes from Les Miz at a bar.

9. Anything that references the spinning stage.

10. Russell Crowe’s inevitable jaunty hat line – a tri-corner in every color!!!

11. The movie version of “One Day More” making its way around YouTube, so we can send it
to people the night before important events (weddings, trips, etc.). Not that we don’t do this
with the tenth-anniversary version, but you know, options!!!

12. The confusion that will sweep over the theater when the new song plays.

13. Sasha Baron Cohen’s cockney accent.

14. Seth MacFarlane singing “Confrontation” at the Oscars in voices…
Brian as Valjean, Stewie sas Javert.

15. People going as Javert for Halloween next year, and then being confused
for Capt’n Crunch.

16. Sitcoms making Les Miz jokes in two or three months. We’re looking at you, New Girl.

17. Taylor Swift’s inevitable revenge cover of “On My Own,” with the words changed
to shame Samantha Barks.

18. Measuring time in “Les Mizes.” Set your crock pot for two “Les Mizes”
and you’ll have the best chili in the world.

19. Changing all our passwords to 24601. Just kidding… we didn’t do that;
please don’t try to hack into our e-mail.

20. A guaranteed two hours without anyone talking about The Hobbit.

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