Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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In some instances, it seems like Thanksgiving gets overshadowed by the biggest
retail stores infringing on the holiday. Opening sooner & sooner. Offering up
big sales & huge discounts. Keeping people away from their families by making them
work on Thanksgiving! But is it worth it?! Who is really winning here?
Big Business? Yes. Businesses that have nothing to do with your community.

But this holiday season – you CAN make a difference!

Instead of supporting big retailers, we’re encouraging you to “SHOP SMALL”
this holiday season. To support the local businesses that rely on the support
of their communities. Small business owners who are working hard to keep their
life’s work going. People who are living their passion. Many of which are artists like
myself who are doing what they love. And working even harder to make a living.

So this holiday season, take a second to consider Shopping Small.
Don’t give your money to the Walmarts, Kmarts and any other “mart” out there!
Give it to someone who will really appreciate the efforts you’re making to support
your local community and the people who work there… instead of overseas somewhere!

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