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This morning my new addiction took over… beside verbal alliteration…
The sunrise was a little anti-climactic after yesterday’s beautiful sky.
So I decided to play a bit more along the lakefront with my new GeoCaching affliction!

The first one I found today was located between the Waveland Golf Course and the lake.
Apparently, a little more “makeshift” than my first three. I was a little surprised to find a rusty
old Altoids tin as the GeoCache. It’s apparently been there for awhile out in the elements!
Even the scroll to sign inside has been a little water damaged & weathered!

The second one was on the other side of the golf course nestled in the hollow of a small tree.
It actually had a loop made out of duct tape to help you pull it out from the hole. Inside was
an old prescription bottle camouflaged with more duct tape, the scroll to sign and my first
actual “treasure.” Now my understanding is that I’m supposed to trade-out the treasure.
I’m supposed to take the dice and leave something else behind. But sadly, I was ill-prepared
and didn’t have anything to trade in my bike jersey pockets! So I just signed the scroll,
left the dice for the next person, and pedaled on.

My third one this morning was located in the Peace Garden. I looked a little bit longer
for this one, and finally found it amongst the rocks… carefully hidden by a rock that I had
to move. And again, another tube not-so-subtely-covered with duct tape. I guess if this one
weren’t hidden by the rock the colorful wrapping would have been a dead giveaway!
Again, signed the scroll and pedaled on… to finish my morning ride.

So for those of you keeping track…
these morning “treasures” were my GeoCache finds numbered Four, Five and Six!!!



June 5th, 2012

and you call me addictive?????


June 6th, 2012

Since you enabled us into this new addiction- Hannah has found 17 caches. Kyle and I just two so far.


June 6th, 2012

So if this is an addiction… this is a gateway drug to what, jewelry heists?

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