Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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After the rain… after the red sky… after the sunrise…
I had already turned around and headed home, so why not stop to play a little?!
So the “dorky” hobby continues. And I found two more GeoCaches!

The first one was just feet off of the lakefront bike trail. Literally like a foot!
Can’t tell you exactly where it’s at, but I can tell you it was very small and magnetic!
So you just unroll the scroll, sign it and put it back. Keeping it very discreet & secret
so that some stranger who’s not playing the game from taking it and ruining the fun
for everyone else! So it’s back in place… a foot off the bike trail.

The second one was hidden inside a small stump under a sprawling bush.
Hidden so much that you actually have to use another small twig to “fish it out”
to get to the blue tube cache! Unscrew the top, sign the scroll, then it’s back in the stump!

So, for the record… that’s my GeoCache #2 and #3.

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