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Okay, so maybe I’ve been watching too much TV lately?!
And yes, let me just say before anyone else does… I WATCH FAR TOO MUCH TV.
But I’m really good at multi-tasking so I can get a lot done at the same time.
Especially with the TV & DVD player I have in my studio!

With that said… I saw this wonderful pile of metal this morning on my bike ride.
It has just “appeared” along the lakefront in a parking lot near Montrose Harbor.
And it seemed odd that this geometric pile of metal would just show up. Out of nowhere?!
Love the geometry. Love the repetition. Love the unexplained presence along the lakefront.
Kinda like an alien invasion. Setting up before their “arrival” to our planet… uh oh…
Yes, I just finished watching both seasons of the alien invasion show “V.” Can you tell?…

I’m also all caught up on the fairy tale based shows”Grimm” and “Once Upon A Time.”
As well as criminal drama “Person Of Interest” from “LOST” creator J.J. Abramms.
Next up, it’s another alien show – “Falling Skies” … and then “American Horror Story.”
It’s been really nice having a little more free time heading into the holidays. Catching up
on a lot of TV viewing while wrapping, packing & prepping for this weekend’s festivities!
My TiVO was getting full with all these shows piling up. It’s been fun watching all of these
series from the start and clearing out my TiVO at the same time.

But while I’m on the topic… I’m also all caught up with “Chuck” and “Hawaii Five-O.”
Both of which I’ve really liked over the years, but am now ready for them to end.
“Chuck” just seems to drag on and on… luckily it’s their last season! As for “Hawaii Five-O”…
I still like the show, but I really hate how they always seem to spoon-feed you every detail.
How each plot “revelation” is handed out like a Hawaiian prescription drug. Someone needs
to tell them that their audience can think and piece together the clues without them
smacking me over the head with them! But I digress…

Making room for MORE TV in the New Year!
More Reality TV… more Housewives… and a new season of “Survivor” starting in February!

For those of you haven’t figured it out yet… this pile of geometric metal pieces will become
a large geometric done to house salt. Yes, the salt that they will scatter all over Lake Shore
Drive throughout the winter to help keep it clear. No dome yet… just a pile of metal.
And I love it. The only thing that would make it better is if it were all rusty!!!

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