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It’s been a long time since potter-extraordinaire Amy Higgason stopped by
my beginner’s pottery class for a demonstration night of carvings, textures & patterns!
I posted the pictures from her visit way back on October 19th… go back and check it out!
I had dinner tonight with Amy at my favorite restaurant as she’s hanging out in the
Chicago area visiting with her Mom for the holidays before she heads back up to the
Northwoods. She finally got to see all of “our” collaborative pots… and now so can you!

For those of you who may have missed it the first time, here’s a brief recap…
I started by throwing all of the bowls and trying to get them “dried” enough for trimming,
stamping, carving, sprigging and all of the other fun decorative techniques that Amy and I
like to do to our pots! Our intention was to show how five “matching plain” bowls can easily
be transformed into five completely different bowls with a few decorative techniques.
People have asked if they would get to see the finished pieces… so here they are!

Amy trimmed, carved, textured and sprigged this bowl which was then glazed
in Josh Green and Temoku interior.

And blue carved bowl… without the dots, without the sprigs… with a groovy,
“wave” pattern around the bottom. Glazed in Josh Blue with a light spray of Temoku,
then line glazed with Temoku.

And another carved bowl showing off some of Amy’s more “illustrative & organic” style.
Glazed with Josh Green outside – and a beautiful Shino inside.

Plus, a collaboration bowl where I stamped, she carved, I squared & stamped again…
then liner glazed & inlaid glaze with Temoku and soda-fired for the final effect.

And the fifth bowl that I stamped in my own style then glazed with Josh Blue
and a slight spray-over of Temoku… and a nice, creamy Antique White inside.
Complete with Amy-inspired stylish foot-ring indentations!

So there’s the final chapter in my collaboration class & bowl demo with Amy Higgason.
We’re already talking about future projects. And trying to get Amy back to Lillstreet for
some sort of future workshops & demonstrations!!!

Remember, you can always check out more of Amy’s “solo” work at Pigeon Road Pottery.



May 20th, 2011

I have been searching the web to find the recipe for josh green (and now I see a josh blue). Can you help? Thank you.

May 26th, 2011

HEY SUE – I’m always willing to share information… and glaze recipes! I got them from someone else, so why not pass ’em along?!

46% cornwall stone
34% whiting
25% epk
4% copper carbonate
4% tin oxide
2% bentonite

46% cornwall stone
34% whiting
25% epk
2% cobalt carbonate
2% bentonite

And as always, I would recommend always testing your new batch of glaze before glazing off a ton of work. Let me know how they work for you… and thanks for checking my blog!!

Terry Dukeman

March 13th, 2015

Hello, could you tell me what cone you are firing josh green glaze to. Also is it reduction or oxidation? Thanks, Terry Dukeman, potter

March 13th, 2015

TERRY – The Josh Green glaze that I use is fired in a cone 10 reduction kiln. The thinner it is applied, the lighter & greener it is. The thicker the glaze, the darker the brown, patina areas. Hope that helps!!!

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