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So while I was cleaning today… and while I was literally under my work table
on my hands & knees scrubbing…
I hear Roberta’s voice. In my studio. I had no idea
she was coming to Lillstreet for a visit today, but it was great to see her.

I met Roberta several years ago and instantly fell in love with her ceramic work.
The gracefully organic shapes, the attention to detail and the fine glaze qualities.
Over the years, I see her frequently on the art fair circuit. It’s always nice to see a friendly face
at the art fair, to have a chance to “compare notes” and share business ideas with each other.
We also had a brief chance to work together when I was teaching summer camp at
Terra Incognito in Oak Park. Roberta’s studio space is there and she works part-time
and does their graphic design.


Drawing inspiration from natural forms and textures, her pieces are tiny treasures.
I love the organic feel, the miniature charm and fine details. Roberta makes great stuff!!!

Plus, one of my other “Talented Friends” Sarah Chapman is a Roberta Fan too…
Sarah actually saves money in a “Roberta Fund” so that she can add a piece to her collection
every summer during the Bucktown Arts Festival. And this summer was no exception…

For more, check out Roberta’s website –

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