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So she’s starting a new chapter… leaving Chicago… leaving Lillstreet…
and beginning the next phase of her “dream plan” up in Minneapolis!
And she will be greatly missed… as a friend, as a potter, as my studio neighbor!



Today was Emily’s official moving date – from Chicago to Minneapolis.
She’s moving up north – along with her boyfriend Ian, sister Nora and her two
little boys. They’ve purchased an old duplex, done some extensive renovations
and are now ready to move in. Unfortunately, her new studio & kiln have not been
built yet… so we’re not quite sure when she’ll be up & running.


Over the past few years, Emily has been “just around the corner” of my studio…
for clay advice, design opinions, business methods, and more. She has been a full-time
potter for several years – and always supportive of my choice to go the same route!
She also taught the soda firing classes at Lillstreet, as well as coordinating the program.
So she was quite influential in my soda-firing adventures. Our emphasis on functional pots
is much the same – but our styles have always been quite different. Emily prefers natural
soda flashings, colored slips layered to create crackling & textures and sprayed glazes.
She has a more painterly style, emphasizing brush strokes & geometric designs.


Emily was also the one who championed the whole “you need a website”
project – and forced, err, “encouraged” me to start this blog. Her own blog has become
quite popular in the pottery circles… and she knew that starting a blog would be right
up my alley. Sharing photos, sharing stories, all about me, me, me!!!

So thanks for checking out MY blog… and thanks to Emily for getting me started…
and now you can check out her blog to see where it all began!!! And see where her
new adventure takes her as she re-establishes herself in the Twin Cities!

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C. Yalater

July 2nd, 2009

You and Emily both have great blogs! I always link to your blog via Emily’s blogroll; when I am done reading yours, I go back to her ‘roll and check out the many others that are out there. Thanks to you and Emily for keepin it real.

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