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I often tell people that it is great to have talented friends!!!
And here’s another one…

I met Sarah Chapman at Lillstreet Art Center. She’s a wonderful artist & metalsmith.
Although she works mostly with sterling silver, she has a heart of gold!
Over the years we have become good friends and love to share our work, our ideas
and our business experiences. We have often discussed that we have very similar
business philosophies and experiences… both of us trying to find our way as
full-time, self-employed artists. We have frequently discussed how we seem to be on the
same path, kind of at the same business experience level, making the same decisions…
only she’s using metal instead of clay!!! I won’t hold that against her… especially now
as she is currently getting dirty in my Tuesday night wheelthrowing class!!!


Sarah’s work is a wonderful combination of materials, textures & patterns.
In fact, the necklaces above are great as seen… but they are also reversible with a different
pattern and different metal on the other side – two looks for the price of one. Brilliant.
No wonder I love her work!!! Over the years, I have gathered quite the collection
of her work… including two bracelets that are my favorites!!! I love having those
“one-of-a-kind-just-for-me” pieces that she makes!


Watch for her out there on the art fair circuit. She does several shows in and around
the Chicago area, as well as several shows out-of-state. I can frequently be found hanging
out & helping in her booth if I’m doing the same art fair! If you don’t find her early on
this summer, she’s usually just two booths south of me at the Evanston Lakeshore
Fine Arts Festival
. Be sure to stop by and say hello to both of us!!!

And if you can’t wait until summer… ¬†



March 6th, 2009

Sarah’s jewelry is great, as are your pieces! Quite inspirational. See you at the Prairie Center!
Gary J is muy fantastico!


October 13th, 2009

Sarah your jewelry is great.
Your design of the necklace helped me with a problem that I have been thinking of how to solve for a long, long time. thanks.

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