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So does any one else find it slightly ironic that the mural
outside of the Chicago Mosaic School is NOT in fact a mosaic?! Odd, right?

I’ve ridden my bike past this corner for quite some time. I’ve seen this mural both coming & going. I’ve always thought it was a beautiful mosaic gracing our neighborhood. It wasn’t until I stopped by today to take a few photos that I realized it was a painting!!! Little swatches of square colors. Just like tiles. But NOT tiles!!! So much for a cool mosaic, huh???

Now don’t get me wrong, I still love it. The style, the colors, the neighborhood artwork.

After the realization that it was a faux mosaic, I turned the corner and found the “real” one. This appears to be the “prototype” mosaic that inspired the mural. It’s not very large. The tiles are pretty small. So now I guess I understand why they painted the wall instead of trying to fill it with SO MANY tiny tiles.

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