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After an astounding 30 years on Broadway, “Les Miserables” closed the curtain & put away the red flag of rebellion today. Click on the link below to see some of the stars who have appeared in THE BEST MUSICAL EVER!!! Yes, I’ve seen it live on stage far too many times. And have several versions of the soundtrack… all of which I’ve memorized. For the record, I can sing all the parts, and I sound amazing in the car. Not to mention the movie… or the DVD’s of the Anniversary Concerts in London. Both of them. Yep. I’m a dork.

If you read further in the link, it mentions a National Touring Company in 2017.
I can’t wait to see it again.. and again.. and again!!! One Day More…

Click here for the video link... The Many Faces of “Les Miserables.”

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