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A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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This morning was AMAZING!!!

Just enough time to squeeze in a beautiful sunrise bike ride before Day Two of the Schaumburg Prairie Arts Festival. The ride was great, the sunrise spectacular and an added bonus… I got to pedal all the way home on Lake Shore Drive as an “unofficial” rider of Bike The Drive. Whoo-hoo!!!

But back to the sunrise… STUNNING!!!

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Nothing better than some incredible “post-art fair” pizza at Lou Malnati’s
with my best art fair assistants… so maybe you’ve met my parents?!

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It was a beautiful day in the park today.
Sun shining, cool breeze, great customers and lots of pottery to share!!!
What’s not to like? Especially when the park we’re in has beautiful views like this!!!

And we do it again tomorrow from 10:00am-5:00pm. C”mon by…
Schaumburg Prairie Arts Festival.

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It was the end for Jack… and Vincent was right there by his side.
What a wonderful evening. The final episode. Exciting, fulfilling and sad all at the same time.
I would still refer to “LOST” as the BEST TV SHOW EVER!!!

And I love this Comment from some guy named Domenico on Facebook…
“Saying that LOST is a TV show is like saying that Sistine Chapel is a painted wall.”

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Sure, the “Quite White Collection” might be the new big thing… all the rage!
But there were a few colors in the same glaze kiln!!!
I especially like how these two glazes really accentuate the stamps on these mugs.

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So I’ve been thinking about this for awhile now.
Wondering what my work would look like if I took away the soda firing effects flashing colors. Always looking for a different angle to try… I finally decided to go for it. And not only take away the soda firing, but let’s take away ALL of the color as well. So I’ve made a new collection of work… same shapes, same techniques, same stamps… only difference is it’s Quite White!!! All porcelain. All white.

The Quite White Collection.
I’ll be having a limited assortment of “Quite White” pots at both the Schaumburg & Hinsdale art fairs. No guarantee that there will be more… so if you want to some of The Quite White Collection, you might want to come early!!!

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Nothing like playing with some last-minute adhesives the night before the art fair.
Enjoying the fumes… and hoping they all dry before tomorrow!!!

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A quick glimpse of my new ceramic spoons. Fresh from the kiln!
A few minor improvement sin mind for the next batch, but all in all pretty pleased with my first “attempt” at making ceramic spoons! They’re headed off to the Schaumburg Prairie Arts Festival for their “Big Reveal” this weekend. Stop by Saturday or Sunday to grab a spoon or two for yourself!!!

Saturday, May 23rd & Sunday, May 24th from 10:00am-5:00pm – Booth #51.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that they rattle too?… Fun, huh?!


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Lots of mugs lined up and ready for pricing… some soda-fired, some glazed and some from the new “Quite White Collection.” Headed to Schaumburg this weekend for my first art fair of the season!

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It’s Pottery Pricing & Packing Day!
Lots of new berry bowls headed to the Schaumburg Prairie Arts Festival this weekend.