Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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My started out pretty normal… plus a few waves! I went for my bike ride. Took some pictures. Showered. Changed. Breakfast and off to Summer Camp. We were on the third floor for “Pop Art Sculptures.” The kids were starting to show up and we could smell something burning. I assumed it was something coming from the First Slice Cafe kitchen on the second floor. But after a couple minutes, it continued and it didn’t smell like burnt pie. So I excused myself from Camp and went exploring.

What I found was a board of test tiles sitting on a firing kiln in the second floor kiln room. And yes… it was smoking. Not just smoking hot, but actually SMOKING!!!

So here’s a newsflash… A FIRING KILN GETS HOT.
Whoever left this board here apparently wasn’t too smart???

I grabbed some gloves, pulled the boards off, and put them up on top of a rolling cart. And you could see where the underside was all singed & smouldering. So the boards was ruined, and the top of the kiln was a bit scorched too!

I ran downstairs to tell Karen what was happening. She came upstairs with me and we dumped the tiles & smoldering boards into the sink to get them to stop smoking.

So now there are some soaked test tiles, and a note from Karen…
and trust me, you NEVER want to get a note like THAT from Karen!!!

And more importantly, I HEROICALLY SAVED THE DAY!!! …or at least that’s MY story!

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