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Fastest emissions test EVER!!!
Good for another year and a half.
Not even two minutes and I was done… and NO, I wasn’t exaggerating!

Quick in. Quick out. Done.

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Today’s teasers are a bit “racier” than normal…
bringing a little spice & sass to “Art In The Garden” this weekend in Glenview!

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Another dark morning. Another foreboding cloud on the horizon.
Just a sliver of color below one REALLY big cloud!!!

But this time morning was a little bit different… as there were waves splashing all around.

And if the waves are crashing in like this up at Foster Beach, I could only imagine what the waves must be doing down at Belmont Harbor where they are typically even stronger. So I pedaled fast to get there before the sun got up too high.

And yes… the waves were even better… and the sun was getting ready to pop through…

Once the sun came up, it got “caught” in the waves and really made them pop… sometimes even changing the color of the water… nothing better than ORANGE WAVES!!!

Then, as the sun got up even higher, the orangeness in the sunrise dissipated, as did the orange waves! Luckily, everything took on a beautiful golden glow as the waves continued to crash & splash in all around me. Bike?… not getting much in today as it was more fun trying to catch the waves with my camera. I can pedal again tomorrow… but these waves may not be here again for awhile.

I wish you could hear these… and feel the fine mist as it sprayed over me…
carefully covering my camera after every wave.

And one final splash for the road… FANTASTIC!!!

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Whoops… somehow I missed the fact that we just went over
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Tiles… tiles… and more tiles.
Soon I need to switch to glue, glue, and more glue!!!


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So this is where I’m starting tonight.
Cory’s whimsically sculptural tiles have been adhered to the boards.
Now it’s time to add my part…

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Just three days away…
“Art In The Garden: A Grassroots Art Fair”
Saturday, August 30th & Sunday, August 31st – 10:00am-5:00pm

1205 Hutchings Avenue, Glenview, Illinois 60025
One block west of Waukegan Road between Lake Street &Glenview Road.
More specifically between Grove Street (at a light) and McLean Court.

Hope to see you there!!!

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This morning started out with GREAT potential. Large masses of striking clouds in the sky. The kind of morning that could easily go either way. A beautiful sunrise OR a torrential downpour at a moment’s notice. Who knows what those clouds are planning?

Luckily, the clouds opened up a bit and it was apparent that the threat of rain was gone. And that we might just be in-store for a beautiful sunrise. Some might even say “stunning”?… okay, there, I said it.

And then when the beautiful orange textures couldn’t get any prettier, the clouds lit up and spread out in a wonderful, puffy tapestry across the sky. A blanket skirting on the edge of downtown… but even more stunning over the lake. This is the “stunningER” part of the morning!!!

C’mon now… seriously?! Could it get any better than this???

Well, apparently it can… here comes “stunningEST“…
So then I started pedaling home thinking the sunrise “magic” was done as the sun went back behind the clouds. I was about half way home when I glanced over my should at Belmont Harbor and saw the sun working it’s magic in the clouds… and the clouds working THEIR magic in the water’s reflections. C’mon… it’s getting hard to bike when I keep stopping for photos like these…

And seriously, is this not one of THE coolest sunrise photos yet??? I mean really…

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Just a couple days away… “Art In The Garden” : A Grassroots Art Fair
in the backyard of my friend & metalsmith Amy Taylor. Saturday 8/30 & Sunday 8/31.