Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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The concerts are over. The guests have packed up. And we’ve begun the arduous task of taking everything down and packing the semi-trucks to head home. It’s been a great project to be a part of once again. This was my third Firefly… and hoping for many more to come. It’s a lot of hard work, but also a lot of fun.

Good news… they’ve already announced Firefly Music Festival 2015!!!
And pre-sale tickets go on sale tomorrow!

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Sure, it may look like I’ve just been “vacationing” in Dover… playing on my bike, riding to the Bay, enjoying a few sunrises here & there. But in reality, we’ve been working long hours every day setting up the Firefly Music Festival. And tonight was the first of the headliner acts on the Main Stage. Here’s a quick shot of the Foo Fighters performing with just a “few” concert-goers enjoying the show!

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This morning I took a ride to Woodland Beach. Ironic as the festival venue at Dover Downs is referred to as “The Woodlands.” Go figure… Started out a little earlier. A little darker, to get a little further.

One of the benefits of an early morning ride… is an early morning dip in the water. The sand here at Woodlands Beach is cleaner than the others, so I felt it was the perfect chance to go in for a quick dip. The water was surprisingly not as cold as I expected… and it was quite refreshing before my ride back to the hotel.

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With a mandatory FIREFLY Safety & Operations Meeting scheduled for this morning at 7:00am, they were cramping my style!!! I had to be finished riding, be cleaned up and to the meeting an hour earlier than our normal start time. But never fear, I still squeezed in a good ride to the Leipsic River for a beautiful sunrise. Quite possibly the best yet since we’ve been in Dover?

And why is it that when you have a deadline, and need to back sooner than normal… that it has to be one of the most beautiful sunrises yet in Dover?! It was so hard to stop taking pictures as it just kept getting better & better.

Okay, sure, I may have still been sweating from the ride during the meeting, but hey, I still got in another great sunrise!!!

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Love the morning sunrise glow… coming soon to a Dover Speedway near you. We’ve got about three more days to get everything ready!

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With a chill in the air, the morning ride was brisk & refreshing as the sun painted the sky with shades of orange. There’s lots of farms around the Dover area, so here’s my morning homage to all things agricultural.

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Coming soon… a fun, new collaboration I’m doing with my favorite Cory McCrory!!!
We’re both making pieces & parts, and then we’re putting it all together.
Limited edition… unlimited fun & whimsy!!!

Details to come…

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So there were a bunch of horseshoe crabs at Pickering Beach too.
I flipped quite a few of them over so they could make it back to the water.

But after seeing a lot of “pairs” of crabs…
I think there may have been a lot of nookie going on last night?!!!

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What a difference a day makes. Yesterday started misty and ended with thunderstorms. Today started with a wispy clouded sunrise over Pickering Beach – and turned out to be a PERFECT day!!! Warm sun & cool breezes… and practically no humidity!!!