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Tonight I stamped… and stamped… and stamped some more!
My cylinders were still a little squishier than I would like them to be, yet I persevered.
It was a synchronized rotation of unwrapping some, moving some, re-wrapping some, rotating, testing, touching and stamping mugs as they were dry enough to stamp. Sometimes I like them on a little softer side so I can manipulate & move the clay more. Tonight was one of those times… plus, I just wanted to get them done!

So, after a well-orchestrated evening of stamping, I got them all done.
Ten per ware board. One ware board at a time.

Finally, all four trays of mug cylinders have been stamped. So it’s 40 mugs under wraps for the night while they dry up a bit more to a drier leatherhard. Hopefully, I can trim them all tomorrow… and then add handles to them all this weekend?!

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January 31st, 2014

I love how the mug in the right front in the fourth picture looks like it has bows stamped into it. I pretty much love all of them. Your stamping and then soda firing techniques really make beautiful pieces. I tried making some stamps the other night and it is fun but so far it is hard for me to not make the same stamp over and over. It turns out this is a great activity to help me be more creative.

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