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Tonight was putting some final touches on my latest batch of mugs.
I made sure things were smooth, handles well-attached and then I added
some accents of colored slip to finish them off. A quick band of color around
the top portion, then some small dabs of colored slip in each stamp.

So now they’re ready to dry and then wait for my next bisque firing.
These mugs are destined for the soda kiln. In that final cone 10 firing, the soda
atmosphere in the kiln will make these colored slips a lot brighter… hopefully
with some beautiful flashing around the mugs. You never know what you’re going
to get when you’re soda firing. That’s part of the fun…


Maureen Lochey

February 14th, 2013

Your pottery site… is absolutely THE BEST site I’ve EVER looked at.
I am a potter in search of pots with a new look. I use lots of stamps already but your stamped pots are ‘ to die for’!!!
Thank you for sharing.

February 14th, 2013

And thank YOU for sharing your lovely comments. I’m glad you like my blog and my work. Keep on stampin’!!!

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