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On a hot & steamy day like today, wouldn’t it be nice to be swimming in a pool?!
Well, since none of them are open…

Here’s this week’s installment from Cirque du Soleil – this time featuring the show “O”. It’s the fantastic aquatic show in Las Vegas where the stage is actually a HUGE swimming pool!!! This video shows you some behind-the-scenes footage… including “under-the-water” footage!!! The part you never get to see when you see the show in person… but have always wondered how they do it!!! I’ve seen the this show twice – and still don’t quite know how they do all of the magic. The traditional Cirque acrobatics are still there… just now they’re in the water, on top of the water & flying above the water!!!

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So that’s the part you see when you’re there… but the video shows you some of the cool parts UNDER the water that you don’t get to see during the show. It’s got to be a controlled chaos of scuba gear, air tanks & tubes and hydraulic gears moving the stage parts! And this is your first glimpse of that…

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