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What’s NOT to like when you come home on a frozen slushy day
to a wonderful Facebook message like this?…

Thank you for your incredible generosity. My studio is closed for 6 weeks (Mesa Arts Center, Mesa, AZ). Thanks to your site I’m able to continue feeding this habit. I am returning to pottery after 40 years away. I glad you didn’t wait that long. I have been sitting at my computer looking at your pictures and copying your stamps. Can’t thank you enough for showing exactly what your stamps are and how you use them. Keep it up and God Bless.   – Arlene

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So much fun tonight wandering around Lincoln Park Zoo with my friend Nancy. Extra fun without the hustle & bustle of those pre-Christmas days. Brights lights everywhere you look… and even more fun if you squiggle the camera!!!

Loved the peppermint-striped trees…

The orange & green trees aren’t too shabby either!!!


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Well, Santa couldn’t bear the idea that Donnalee had already broken her new mug from my recent online sale. So Santa decided to send her a “surprise” present in the mail to replace the broken one. Not quite the same as the original… but this one will hold coffee!!!

Here’s a quick Thank You note from Donnalee…

Get OUT!!!!! You are the BEST! I LOVE IT and I was shocked and surprised.
My family found it on the front steps and wrapped the box and put it under the tree.
You are awesome! Thank you! And Merry Christmas!!!

And by “Santa”… I mean ME.
Happy Holidays Donnalee!!!

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Just a couple festive desserts from our family Christmas. So fun to use my new oven to bake some goodies… like a flourless chocolate cake & magic cookie bars (both gluten-free for my sister). Needless to say… they’re all gone already!!!

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Some time during the past couple days, we surpassed the 3,000 mark on this Facebook page. Yeah me!!! And a HUGE Thank You to all three thousand of you who continue to follow Fire When Ready Pottery on Facebook. You’re support, encouragement, “likes” and comments keep me going. You’re the best… and here’s to another thousand or so in the New Year!!!

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And in the meantime, thank Facebook for making it so tough for you
to see the posts from the small businesses you’ve chosen to follow.

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Ya’ gotta love a gift wrapped in “that special” wrapping that kind of gives away the fun inside. So excited to open and find out what Christmas Gift I’m getting from my friend Sarah Chapman. She knows I have an extensive Mug Collection. So my guess is it’s a mug?! But the really cool part is that it was part of a Surprise Grab Bag of gifts at the Northern Clay Center. So it’s all very random… and I guess all we can assume is that it’s going to be clay?!!!

The Big Reveal… still to come…

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Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season.
Hope you get to spend time with those you cherish, eat far too many treats,
and share the many gifts of the season. Thank you for being part of my year.
You are all a great “gift” for me!!!

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A quick cup of morning latte for Irene in Custer, Washington.
I’m sure her Christmas morning is off to a wonderful start with a beautiful cup of Joe!
Thanks for sharing your morning with my stamped mug. You picked up a great one
during the St. Nick’s Day Online Sale. Happy Holidays Irene.

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The perfect start to my Christmas morning as the clouds came rolling through.
It was a beautiful ride with practically no one else on the bike trail.
Like I had the whole place to myself. A wonderful gift. Merry Christmas to ME!!!

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… and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.

Wishing everyone a magical Christmas Eve from my home to yours.
And for the record… THIS creature is still stirring in the kitchen
making more holiday goodies!