Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
Categories: kiln firing, production

A lot of wedging. A lot of working. A lot or “work.”
I’m preparing for another soda kiln in about a week. So I’ve been trying to make a LOT of stuff… and now I’m trying to pack it all into the electric kiln. Layer by layer… a lot of work to be bisque fired.

Kiln Layer #1 – Ovals, mugs, tiles and a lot of kiln filler!

Kiln Layer #2 – more ovals, mugs, wall pocket vases, tiles and kiln filler.

Kiln Layer #3 – more mugs, more wall pocket vases, votive holders and tiles!

Kiln Layer #4 – I had a “smidge” of space, so I fired a layer of painted tiles for my studio neighbor Lisa! Along with a couple spoon rests and more of my tiles!

Kiln Layer #5 –  the rest of the spoon  rests and the last of the tiles!!!

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