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So I made a new friend & customer today… thanks to Pinterest!!!!
She found a picture of my new textured wall pillows on Pinterest, apparently admired them and then tracked me down. We connected through e-mails & phone calls to set up today’s studio visit. She brought her designer daughter (with her color-matching PMS color book) to pick out two groupings of textured wall pillows. And now these pieces have found a new home… thanks again to Pinterest!

I’ve never really thought about it, but maybe I need to consider this Pinterest thing?! I “kinda” know what it is, and I’ve heard many customers mention seeing my work on it. But maybe it’s time that I need to start using it myself. Seems like all the cool kids are doing it?!… or am I already too late to hop on this bandwagon?!



January 4th, 2014

on Pinterest — Gary, you are so smart to name your photos with “Gary Jackson”. That makes it very easy to go to Pinterest and search for your pics! You have a lot of fans. I see your work popping up all the time.

Think of it as another way to share & market your aesthetic. Pin things you like and pin your own work. You can also add pinning buttons to your images on your blog. I’ve seen it on other blogs.

I follow a lot of clay relates blogs and pin a lot of images. Take a look…


January 4th, 2014

BETH – Thanks for the quick response about Pinterest. I’ve been considering starting my own pages for awhile now. Pages of my own work, my photography, interests, inspirations and more. And I need to remember to keep adding my name to my photos. Sometimes I get lazy and forget. Thanks for the reminder!

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