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So I was right… and my reclaim clay was already dry enough to be “processed” back into clay. So after a lot of slicing, layering, pounding, wedging, layering, slicing, pounding, squishing, layering, felt more like clay… and more homogenized than it was before. My freshly turned-out clay has a lot of different “pockets” of different clay bodies. And I would rather have it all the same. So it takes some work to blend it all back together! Some extra “workout” to slam it all back together. All in the name of 207 pounds of FREE CLAY!!!

So now it’s all bagged up and resting. In a couple more days, I might find the energy to finish wedging all of it. Typically I take my reclaim clay and layer it together with some new clay. So that the clay I actually use is about half reclaim & half new. So now I can’t wait to get started digging into my FREE CLAY to make some new work!!!

Happy New Year… Happy New Clay!!!



January 5th, 2014

207 pounds of clay?!? Good lord! Way to go! haha!!!

January 5th, 2014

My back hurts just thinking about it! Lol!

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