Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
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Seems like so long ago… but in my last soda kiln, I fired some new work including these textured wall pillows. I’ve been trying to come up with a new piece for the holiday Home Shows. Something new for people to hang on the wall. I’ve already made ceramic masks and tiled ClayQuilts. Oh, but what to do next… and I came up with these. I started by making these textured round tiles that hang flat to the wall… with a little depth to pop them off the wall. Here’s a quick “teaser’ of a few of them as I was unloading the kiln.

I made them in three different sizes.  My hope is that people will make their own collections, and decide how to hang them on their walls in all different configurations. I threw together this first one on my living room wall as an example for the first Holiday Home Show. It’s a quick “constellation” of textured tiles.

And now I’ve thrown together a few more examples of how they can be used.
Random constellations. Random groupings. Different sizes. Same sizes.
Straight lines. Trios. Doubles. Singles. So many ways to play with them on your wall.

Pick & choose… plenty to choose from to make your own “constellation.”
I had fun making them, so there’s a pretty good chance there will be more coming soon!
Yet, I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to show them at the summer art fairs???


January 4th, 2014

Hi Gary, I love, love, love my wall pillows. I will send you pics soon. I’d like to know if you can make me another small wall pillow. If you look at the pictures at the beginning where you are holding them in your hand, it’s in the second row, the right-hand side. It resembles pebbles on one-third of it, lines in the middle part, and star-like figures on the other third of it. If you can make this in the smallest size, that would be great! Please let me know if you can ship it out to me. Thanks so much! Barb

January 4th, 2014

BARBARA – I’m so glad you’re loving your new wall pillows. I can’t wait to see them when they’re installed on your walls. I will be making more of them, and I’ll keep your request in mind, but my next soda kiln will not be for a few months. It takes awhile to build up enough work to fill an entire kiln. But when I do, I’m sure there will be more textured wall pillows – and hopefully a few with the design your asking for.

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