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You know I’m always up for a challenge.
So tonight I tried something new… AIRobics!!!

Picture a class full of people doing aerobics while jumping, bouncing and flying
around the room… and quite literally bouncing off the walls! It’s aerobics in a room
packed with TRAMPOLINES! I got there a little late for the class I wanted, so I
started in the middle, and then stayed for the next class too! It was a lot of fun,
and a lot harder than it looks. I’m sure I’m going to feel it tomorrow in some
very strange places… especially after an hour and a half of bouncing & jumping!!!

My class wasn’t playing dodgeball like the picture.
And the room we were using was double this size. Yes, TWICE as many trampolines!
We jumped around & bounced on every single one of them!!!

I think I was smiling like a 9-year old the entire time! Sweating and smiling…



March 15th, 2015

Hi – Me and my family were looking for where this place is located and the cost. Please email me the information on this place. Thank you very much.

March 15th, 2015

MONTAZIA – The place I went to is called SKY HIGH SPORTS. My location was located at 6424 Howard Street, Niles, IL 60714. Although there are more locations all around the country. Click here for their website, locations & pricing…

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