Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
Categories: holiday, pottery

My Christmas Eve is traditionally spent with my parents and their friends The Muellers.
I’ve know The Muellers since fourth grade when Alice Mueller came into my classroom
and gave presentation about joining a 4-H Club. I was hooked and wanted to join, but there
wasn’t a club close by. So I “convinced” my parents to become 4-H Club Leaders!
And the rest is history. They were leaders all the way through my sister’s involvement.
And I was involved all the way into my college Freshman year – when I also won a trip
to the National 4-H Congress for “Arts & Crafts.” Go figure…

Anyway, Christmas Eve once again did not disappoint. When they all return from Christmas
Eve Mass, I’ve got all of my Mom’s snacks all prepped, cooked & ready to serve.
Not surprisingly, my parents to have a rather “vast” collection of my pottery, and she had
already pulled out & chosen which snack was going to go on which pottery piece. So it was
an evening of gifts, snacks, hors’ doeuvres… and classic pottery!

You can almost see that she has some “classics” in her collection. The bowl with the
Chex Party Mix (which we have forever referred to as “Nibbley”) is an example of where
my stamping obsession started. With a simple line of stamps around the rim.  It was a
slippery slope and now there’s a LOT more stamping where that come from.

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