Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Day Two is finally complete – with all of my pots, shelving and tent back
in my basement storage room. It was a long, warm weekend in Schaumburg,
but it felt great to be out there kicking of another art fair season. The weekend
was quite successful, and a lot of fun seeing some old friends and making new ones.

Today was another beautiful day – just as warm, but a little breezier than yesterday.
There was a good flow of customers all day, including some friends and “groupies.”
Including Bill & Sheila – as well as Mitch, who recently started taking pottery classes
at Lillstreet and is the brother of my college friend Kel.

And now that the Schaumburg Art Fair is done… I get to do it all over again
in just two weeks. The Hinsdale Fine Arts Festival is just two weeks away!
And luckily, we’ve already packed everything up for that fair… at the same time
we packed for Schaumburg. We kind of split my inventory in half… half going
to Schaumburg, and half waiting to go to Hinsdale. So there will be a lot of
new work coming to Hinsdale. Mark your calendars today…

Hinsdale Fine Arts Festival
Saturday, June 12th & Sunday, June 13th.

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