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So as I was running out to grab some dinner tonight, I ran into my friend
& fellow studio mate Katie Biderbost. She mentioned that she reads my blog frequently –
and was surprised that I update it so frequently. I told her that there’s nothing that bugs
me more than a blog that hasn’t been updated for months… or years!!! And then I realized…
I’ve never featured Katie as one of My Talented Friends… so here goes…


I’ve known Katie for many years… practically my entire pottery career!!!
Katie has been involved at Lillstreet Art Center for many years, both as a teacher
and studio member. She has come & gone, but her focus has always remained strong.
Her grad-school-hiatus took her down to Indiana… but she luckily returned to Lillstreet.
Katie now works in Lake Forest, Illinois running a clay program up there. Yet she returns
to Lillstreet for some quiet studio time away from her workplace!

Katie’s work has evolved over the years, and she has several mugs in my “mug collection.”
During the Lillstreet Holiday Opening, I treated myself to a set of Katie’s plates…
I’ve been coveting them for awhile and finally decided that they had to be mine.
Her current body of work is painstakingly decorated with slip to create an intricate
“woven” pattern that almost looks as though it were knit. The glaze is a beautiful teal
blue that is accentuated in the soda kiln to create and incredible depth & range of color.



Not only did I get the plates… I also got another mug for “the collection”!!!
Merry Christmas to me!!!


January 21st, 2010

ouch! I finally updated my blog, really! many times even!
I’m feeling a bit jealous of you and your newest additions to your collection.
gorgeous plates!

January 21st, 2010

EM – you SHOULD be jealous…
I snagged some incredible “Biderbost-ware” for myself!!!
and I’m a little jealous of all the new information you’ve added to your blog – it’s great! good to have you back in business. that’s a LOT of great information you’ve put out there. it’s fascinating to see how your new studio is coming together… with improvements, modifications & some plain old “good ideas” from your old studio. I can’t wait to see your studio up & running soon… and hopefully “in person” this Spring?!!!


April 6th, 2010

Katie is one of my favorite people at Lill Street

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