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Road sign for speed limit

It seems like I just started this blog a few short months ago…
much due to the suggestion & urging of my friend & fellow potter Emily Murphy.
She has been blogging for years – and thought it was past time for me to jump on
the blogging bandwagon. So now I’m in… and posting away.

At first I thought it would be a hassle. Nothing to say. Nothing to share.
What was I going to talk about that would make it worthwhile & interesting?
It has kind of become my own personal ramblings on my life as an artist.
What I like. What I see. What I make… and anything else I think is fun.
It’s been a great chance to share my life as a potter, a designer, a photographer…
and an avid bicyclist!

With one hundred posts now under my belt…
I hope you’ve been reading along – and enjoying them as my journey continues!

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