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okay… picture this if you will…
I’m driving home late last night on a Chicago side street. Minding my own business.
The blizzard had ended and the streets were pretty clear and the coast was clear.
So I’m headed north on Cicero, getting ready to drive under the Edens Expressway.
As I entered the overpass bridge area, surrounded by fellow drivers…
I see from above in the all-too-familiar, soon-to-be-an-accident slow-motion…
a snow plow is above me plowing the Edens Expressway – and sending all of the excess
snow & mush over the edge… plummeting down right onto my windshield!!!

Smash… splash… and a little panic.
Maintain control. Don’t freak out. Don’t veer from the path.
It wasn’t until I flipped on my windshield wipers that I realized that the
smashing sound was a lot more than just the splatter of icey goo…

My entire windshield was smashed!!!

I made it home safely and called my insurance agent. As I reported my claim,
the girl on the other end of the line actually laughed at my story – go figure.
She said she’s never heard of anything like that. Just my luck.
So this morning I took pictures and tried to find a place to fix it on a Sunday…
with no luck. So it will be fixed tomorrow… and winter continues in Chicago.


At least the was a little “beauty” in the smashed glass if you could look past the damage!



January 12th, 2009

Sorry to read that your car was damaged, but glad that you or anybody else wasn’t hurt. Good on you for not panicking. Hope that it isn’t too much of a bother getting it replaced.


February 24th, 2009

LOVE the photo, but sorry to hear how it came to be!
I’m thankful you were not hurt!

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