Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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With a prediction of more snow today, I thought I “needed” to get out this morning before the snow! With a beautiful morning hike along the frozen lakefront and a BEAUTIFUL sunrise splash of color before it went behind the clouds… seemingly for the rest of the day!

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Sure, I probably could have thrown these gourds away off my back porch months ago! But I just couldn’t because they look so cool… and I was hoping to plant the seeds this spring. Didn’t plan on them getting covered with snow though!!!

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We might have blue skies & plenty of sun now…
but the snow isn’t melting anytime soon!

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Too much snow to bike, but perfect for hiking along the lakefront. Layers of snow, piled up “glaciers” & slushy “icebergs” in the lake. The sunrise was not so amazing, but everything else about my morning hike was!

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A wonderfully snowy day… perfect for a little “snow-trudging” stroll through the neighborhood. We got a LOT of heavy snow overnight, and more throughout the day. Picture-perfect snow covering pretty much everything!!!

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So it was a little on the freezing side this morning… too cold & too much snow & ice for biking! Not too cold for a brisk morning hike though. Low-flying clouds delayed the sunrise through ice-covered branches!

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More natural textures still dusted with a bit of snow
at Lillstreet Art Center… perfect for a little Texture Tuesday!

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I love when the freshly-fallen snow sticks to every branch & fence… covering the City in a beautiful blanket of white. Typically it disappears pretty quick… but NOT today! It’s still a Winter Wonderland out there!!!

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Woke up this morning in a winter wonderland. A beautiful covering of snow everywhere… a beautiful excuse to go for a long winter walk along the lake. Sure, I’d rather be biking… but we haven’t had dry streets or an actual sunrise for SO long now!!! Just gray, gray, gray… and now some snow as a wonderful accent!

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We finally got some sunshine today!

So I had to GET OUT!!!

Out of my condo.
Out of my studio.
Outside for some fresh air!!!

I decided to go back to Illinois Beach State Park to hike along the lakefront… and oh, while I was there, I could check on the fortune cookie “inventory” that might still be hidden out there!

Beautiful blue skies, show-covered beaches, plenty of icicles…
and yes, a handful of fortune cookies still waiting to be found!!!