Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
Categories: Chicago, special events

Today is a very big day for Chicago with the first of the coronavirus vaccines being administered. I know we’ve all waited anxiously for this day… but I can’t even imagine what the past year has been like for Dr. Allison Arwady. She has been so instrumental in Chicago’s efforts during this pandemic. So it was great to see her today on TV as the first vaccines were administered. I’m sure we’re all hoping this will get us back to “normal” some time soon.

And I’m also hoping that it will make Allison’s life a bit more “normal”…so she can come back to my pottery class again!!! We haven’t seen her throwing at the wheel ever since this whole thing began. I know the studio has saved my sanity through all of this… I can only imagine how much Allison needs a little “clay therapy” these days!!!

Thank You again for all you’ve done for the City of Chicago Allison!!! We all hope to see you soon… at a pottery wheel and NOT in front of a scary chart or graph!!!

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