Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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You gotta love when your birthday turns into “Birthday Week”…
and the final treat is a chocolate carrot cake with raspberry filling and quite possibly
the best chocolate cream cheese frosting ever!!!

Oh yeah, and the stamped blue plate ain’t too shabby either!

Categories: friends, garden, soda-fired

While I was visiting my friends in Peoria last weekend, it looks like something fun “sprouted” in one of their flower pots overnight?!!! Some groovy squiggly soda-fired plant stakes just kinda-sorta randomly “appeared” while they weren’t looking!!!

Categories: food, garden, holiday

So much cooler than pumpkins this time of year! Sure, not so good for jack-o’lanterns,
but much better colors, textures & groovy shapes!!!

Categories: friends, garden, rusty

Gotta love a good collection. I always love to see what people collect and how they display them. Like this amazing collection of vintage pulleys hanging on the garden trellis railing in Gerry & Rosene’s back yard. And you know… rusty metal & weathered wood. What’s not to like?!!!

Categories: color, friends, garden, textures

So many colors. So many textures. So many patterns! Loving all of these different coleus plants that my Peoria friend Rosene has been propagating in her basement. She’s already working on next’s year’s crop… some of which might just make it up to live on my front porch next summer?!!!

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Last night in my pottery class, one of my students brought back some OREO’s from Canada… and yes, an “intentional” trip to Canada… not to be confused with my “accidental” trip into Canada last July!

Categories: nature, seasons

Good Morning Wednesday.
Things are looking up!…       see what I did there?!

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Everyone’s smiling down on the farm…
including the machinery & my friend Rosene!

Categories: rusty

One of the “benefits” of Farm Day is all of the great rusty metal all around… old tools, old barns… and these amazing twisted, mangled and rusted culvert pipes!!! Gotta love the rust!!!


Categories: friends

Spent this past weekend down on the farm! Playing with “my first art fair friends” in Peoria working on the farm harvesting soybeans and learning more than I ever knew I needed to know about it all. Who knew they were dry? Who knew they were small yellow pellets? Not me. Very cool for this city boy!