Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
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Today I loaded another electric kiln full of greenware for the first bisque firing.
It seems like I’ve just been making “stuff” in my studio for the past few months.
I had no idea that it had accumulated to this amount of work?! Who knew?!

Kiln Layer #1 – Mugs. Mugs… And more MUGS!!!

Kiln Layer #2 – More mugs, and a couple bowls.

Kiln Layer #3 – More mugs, bowls, tiles and a couple oil lamps.

Kiln Layer #4 – More mugs, some small teabowls, tiles and ikebana rounds.

It amazes me every time – how FAST the kiln fills up!!!
I still have about a half a kiln’s worth of greenware that DIDN’T fit in?! Next time…

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