Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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It’s been a slow start for me getting back into the studio.
I’ve been quite the slacker through the holidays. Enjoying some time off.
Sure, a few small projects here & there. But tonight was the night to actually kick-off
some full production mode! And why not start with my favorite?!… MUGS!!!

So I started by wedging up some balls of reclaim clay. Wedged and ready to go…

So then the throwing began… and it felt GREAT to be back behind the wheel!!!
And as always, I prefer to throw on my plastic bats. I have quite a few of these square bats.
Love ’em… and they take up so much less space on my work table! As you can see, part of my
table is already covered with my large plaster bat and a large pile of goo… aka – reclaim clay!

Once they’ve dried just enough to not be squishy & sticky, I wire them off the bats again
and condense them down onto my plastic ware boards. Again, it’s all about conserving space
on my work tables… so I have room to make more!!! Plus, it’s a lot easier to cover them all
with plastic like this, than if they were spread all over the place on twenty separate bats.

Next up?… stamping, trimming, handles, slip painting, drying, firing, glazing & firing.
Wedging & throwing is the easy part… and just the beginning of more to come.

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