Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
Categories: bike, Chicago, nature, seasons, sunrise

Sure, they can say that the bike trail is closed.
Sure, they can tell you stay off.
But some of us just see that as a challenge.

So, yes… I was out there this morning riding my bike along the lakefront.
With such an unusual weather event in Chicago, I felt somehow oddly “obligated”
to go outside to play in it. And yes Mom, I made sure I was always a safe distance
away from the waves!… kinda…

And to think I was swimming in this exact location just a few months ago getting ready
for the Triathlon. Glad these waves waited until now with my wetsuit packed away!

A little further south, and the waves were crashing in around the harbor. With a great view
of the city as the crashing waves look as though they might wash away the skyline?!

Whoops… and there goes the bike trail… glad I was on the “safe” side of the harbor!

All in all, the morning ride was quite spectacular. You can’t tell me “not” to do something
and really have me not do it. Especially when they have been hyping this weather event so
much. Okay, so the ride home wasn’t too fun with gale force winds blowing into my face!



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