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Could it get any darker?… well, it seems to get darker & darker each day…

As the sun continued to rise, the sky took on a beautiful pastel pink color.
I especially liked the stark contrast of the dark clouds hovering out there.

But then, almost as soon as it started, the pink coloring began to dissipate.
And blue skies kept poking through… everywhere except where those wonderful
dark clouds were still hanging on. Great contrast in the morning sky!

It felt like we were honored with a special “second sunrise” of sorts.
Beautiful pastel skies followed by a stunning sunrise with nicely contrasting clouds!

Plus, another milestone this morning… I finally retired my old pair of biking shoes!
They’ve traveled many miles with me over the years. And I’ve known they needed to be
replaced for quite awhile now. But you know how you an old pair of shoes fits perfectly?!
Well these ones do too. But they’re beat up, ripped up, sewn back together, and worn down
to bare structure in some of the most important places… like the heels!

So this morning was the inaugural “virgin voyage” for my new biking shoes.
And luckily, these new ones fit pretty well too!!! Here’s to the miles to come…
and a special thanks to these shoes that have served me so well!

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