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Tonight I had the opportunity to meet & talk with installation artist David Best.
Most well known for his installation works at the annual Burning Man event,
David Best created this incredible “temple” structure for an event I attended tonight.
And yes, it is even more stunning in person. You can walk around it to marvel at the design,
as well as climb up to the second floor for more. The back side “under the stairs” was quite
intricate… as well as the beautiful chandelier hanging from the central dome! Love it!!!

So this entire structure is created out of flat sheets of pressure treated plywood.
Very detailed & intricate, the structure is a full two-story “gazebo” with fantastic
design elements. Layers upon layers of intricately cut sheets create this dramatic effect.
And a splash of theatrical lighting doesn’t hurt any either!

So we talked with David Best about this creation, but even more about his other pieces…
including his future plans for the next few years. And how he used to be a pretty “big name”
potter back in his day. Including several articles & photo spreads in Ceramics Monthly
magazine, I, of course, hinted a couple times that I would LOVE to be an assistant the next
time he’s creating one of these! He kind of laughed… but I was dead serious!!!

I’m sure you can see why, but I was just so smitten by this installation piece. So stunning.
Simply breathtaking. And not only was it this temple that took my breath away, but there
were also three hanging chandeliers. One of the chandeliers was in the central “dome” area
of the gazebo, the other two floating diagonally away from the temple.



October 1st, 2011

Yeow! Just beautiful, and the pictures are wonderful .


October 1st, 2011

Amazing! I can imagine how excited you were – his work resembles yours. It’s like you met your creative twin.

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