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So tonight I was in the studio trimming the stamped mug cylinders and
cleaning up my studio a bit. Typically not the most fun… the cleaning part…
but it becomes a whole lot funnier when you throw in some of your
all-time favorites from “Seinfeld.” Still one of the funniest TV shows ever!
My personal favorite… The Soup Nazi. Plus other favorites… The Close-Talker.
The Backwards Indian Wedding. Muffin Tops. Sponge-Worthy. The Pirate Shirt.
Man Hands. Rhymes With A Female Body Part. Bizarro World. Shrinkage.
Master Of My Own Domain… not that there’s anything wrong with that!

And in case you’ve forgotten anything… here’s a quick reminder!
YouTube – 100 Seinfeld Quotes – Episode One

And since there are a LOT more than 100 funny Seinfeld quotes…
here’s a hundred more! Guaranteed to make you laugh again & again!
YouTube – 100 Seinfeld Quotes – Episode Two

Elaine was always my favorite. The dancing. The shoving. The sarcasm.
And here she is in the best Seinfeld Blooper ever!!! I still can’t watch
this blooper scene without laughing out loud. Still…
YouTube – Elaine Benes & Frank Costanza Blooper

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