Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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On our third day, we left the town of Washburn to head towards Port Wing.
It was a little cloudier today – hopefully not a sign of things to come…


As we head off towards Bayfield, we were treated to a beautiful sunrise along
a small beach we shared with a guy walking his dog.


On our way towards Bayfield, we stopped off at the quaint little Eckel’s Pottery Shop.
Some very nice work and a wonderfully whimsical entrance! While there, we parked our bikes
and had to step over a very large pile of bear dung. Welcoming, huh?



After the pottery stop, we headed back up the street for some pie.. only to find out that they
didn’t sell pie by the slice! So instead, we had to “suffer” through some of the best fruit
turnovers EVER fresh out of the oven!!! Baked right there in her garage!!! Literally!!!
As we were preparing to leave the owner & baker was telling us that her cat was missing
and that she hopes a bear didn’t get her. I couldn’t “bear” to tell her about the bear dung
we saw across the street. Coincidence?… I don’t think so.


We then continued into Bayfield for a quick stroll through town. Bayfield is the port town
for the ferries that take you out to the Apostle Islands. Chris and I decided not to go over
to Madeline Island as we had gone there to ride mopeds last time we were here.
Instead, we pedaled on.


As we continued down the road, the clouds continued to roll in.
But then we ran across one of my favorite places – and those of you who know of
my love of “rusty metal” will understand… a crazy house’s front yard full of garbage!!!
The entire front of the house AND the house across the street were both covered with trash!!!
Rusty stuff everywhere!!! I loved it. And marveled at what must have gone on to get this to
the place it is at. Not only is it a great collection of stuff, but it was also oddly “displayed”
and grouped in sections with walkways in between. And yet is was not a store…
not a trash heap… not a flea market! It was just a crazy collection of stuff!!!



Then the rain began… first as a light drizzle… then a little heavier. Luckily, we were close
to Cornucopia – the northern most town in all of Wisconsin!!! Even better, the locals had
prepared a lunch stop for us of fresh “fish tacos”… had to try them… and LOVED them!!!


Once in Port Wing, the rain stopped. We toured the very small town and had
a wonderful spaghetti & meatball dinner in the Town Hall. We returned to the school to
see that the clouds were rolling in again, and a huge storm was predicted for the evening.
The wind picked up, the rain began… and then around 9:00pm the storm hit!
So hard that the tour organizers called everyone into the building for their own safety
as the winds were picking up to 35 mph and crazy rain pummeling our tents!!! Luckily,
my tent is pretty good and I stayed dry overnight as I slept in the heavy rain.

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