Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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As we move forward into the summer… and get “deeper” into Summer Camp,
we start having some “specialty” camps for the kids to keep it fresh & fun.
This week was one of my favorites… Chess Camp!!!


During this camp, the kids each make a complete chess set out of terra cotta and
paint a board to go along with it. No simple sets here… the kids also need to come up
with a theme and decide who is “battling” who! I love to see the natural creativity
of the kids shining everyday through the process. Some of the themes were brilliant!!!
I think my favorite was Luke’s set which portrayed “The Seventies versus The Eighties.”
Complete with Rubik’s Cubes, Ms. Pac-Man, Rocky Horror Picture Show’s logo lips,
Purple Rain, Lava Lamps, Richard Nixon, Pinball Wizards, and much more.
And how strange & sadly untimely that his set also represents Michael Jackson
with his glittered glove… just one day after his death!

Other themes included…
* Freshwater versus Saltwater
* Dogs versus Cats
* Greek Warriors versus Egyptian Warriors
* Foods versus Drinks
* Antarctica versus The Arctic
* Monsters versus Aliens
* Fruits versus Vegetables



So by the end of the day today, everyone had completed their chess sets & boards.
They are now drying and will soon be glazed & fired. That is all except Noah…
who was working so diligently knowing that he would never finish his aquatic set.
He was working with such care & detail, making his pieces the best that he could –
and hoping to come back for the next session of Chess Camp that starts on July 20th.
We all hope he comes back… I want to see his finished “masterpiece.”


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