Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Summer Camp has ended and soon enough it will be Christmas!!! Say it isn’t so!!!!…
But just in case, I’ll be ready with another batch of soon-to-be soda-fired
wheelthrown ornaments!



Categories: masks, textures

Making masks to bring a smile to your face! Ceramic masks to hang on the wall… textured, color slipped and almost ready for this weekend’s soda-firing! Too bad this don’t normally get to come out to play at art fairs… no place to hang them in my tent. But hopefully some of them will make an appearance at ART IN THE BARN this year as I have some walls to hang them on!

Categories: salt & pepper

Fall is coming… and my latest harvest of gourds is about ready to be picked… err, fired!
Handmade gourds with some colored slip accents that should change during the soda-firing process. These little babies will be salt & pepper shakers complete with a gourd leaf tray for them to sit on.

Categories: food, friends, mugs

Love when my mugs are actually being used… and making breakfast even better!
Also love randomly running across this photo on my friend Allison’s Instagram stories this morning!

If you’re posting photos of YOUR breakfast using my pottery?… or lunch.. or dinner…
be sure to tag me @firewhenreadypottery.


Categories: collaborations, textures, tiles

One of the best parts of doing a small show like ART IN THE GARDEN is that we get to play with the other artists and do some amazing collaboration projects… not encouraged at regular art fairs! I know we’re all frantically working on pulling them together as the time draws near… and here’s a sneak peek of what mosaic artist Kristin Conneely has been doing with some of my textured tiles! Mark your calendar for September 8th & 9th to see the final results in Glenview!

Categories: process

Just finishing off a quick class demo piece… a plain bottle that needed a little somethin’-somethin’. So I made a rectangle “stencil” using pieces of wet newspaper. I placed them on the leatherhard bottle and smoothed them along the edges. Then painted some thick colored slip over the rectangular void of newspaper, and then dragged my finger through it to make some patterns.

After the slip set-up a bit, I simply peeled the newspaper away…

...and voila’… a fun patch of colored slip with textural finger lines.

Categories: bowls, production, stamped, wheelthrowing

Throwing clay. Throwing large.
Big shallow bowls to hold big things… or lots of little things!!!

Making LOTS of large bowls for my upcoming show ART IN THE GARDEN
in Glenview. Gotta move them along quickly if they’re going to be glazed in time!

Now if only they had a companion?…     Cory???

Categories: ornaments, production, tools

Never too soon to make more Christmas ornaments, right???
Just trimming the bottoms of my latest batch… made SO much easier
with my favorite Giffin Grip & Bison Trimming Tool.
Spinnin’ & trimmin’ before adding the ring on the top to hang them from!

Categories: special events

So last night was my first time at the Full Moon Fire Jam at Foster Beach. Fire twirlers. Fire breathers. Fire jugglers. Fire, fire, fire!!! Who knew this amazing spectacle happens every full moon through the summer? And not too far from my place!!! Where have I been? If it weren’t for my friend Allison, I would still be missing it… just sitting in the dark!

And some “not-so-fiery” LED lights… just as cool, just not as dangerous!

Categories: sunrise

Blue skies before the morning storms rolled through.
Home just minutes before the skies opened up.