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A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Let the “addiction” continue… and let the “search” begin…
Coming soon and I can’t wait!!!

According to Nabisco…
Oreo has announced the latest twist on its best-selling cookie: red velvet. The red velvet Oreo is dyed dark red and is filled with a cream cheese flavored center. The limited edition cookie will hit stores on February 2 – that’s just in time for Valentine’s Day. They will be available in stores for six to eight weeks.

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Tonight was the second pottery class of the new session for my Beginning Wheel students. And they’ve already tackled my two favorites… making mugs & making stamps!!! We’re off to a good start… and we still have eight more weeks to cover everything else!!!

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Pretty pleased with myself for getting my 4th-quarter sales taxes
filed BEFORE tomorrow’s deadline!!!

Sadly, not so thrilled about also filing 3rd-quarter’s return tonight as well.
Whoops… and “ouch” $$$ !!!

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Today’s warm temps were too seductive and I just “had to” go out for a bike ride. Today’s big melt also creates some big puddles. It may not have been my “cleanest” ride ever, but it was well worth the clean-up that my bike now needs from all the puddle-splatter!

And our version of a Chicago Iceberg!!!

At some point around the Lake Shore Drive S-Curve, the bike path is still closed off as “impassable.” Sure, you could continue on very carefully… if I wanted to carry my bike. But I though it was a clear warning, and a good reason to turn around to head home.

Back closer to home, some of the grassy fields were covered with puddles… err, ponds…
which all created wonderful reflections. Mushy. Squishy. Muddy. Well worth the photo stop… and now my bike shoes need to be cleaned too!!!

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As always, I’m starting off the New Year with another batch of New Stamps!
It felt great to get back in the studio and to get my hands dirty again!!!

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Still a little too mushy & slushy for a good morning bike ride. But never too much for a beautiful sunrise. It’s been too long… and looking forward to the predicted “heat wave” of tomorrow in the 40’s!!!

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Tonight is the first night of my new Beginning & Advanced Beginning Wheelthrowing class. And it looks like I’ve got more returning “Advanced Beginners” than newbies this time ’round. I’m going to try my best, but if I don’t win them over with clay, my demo’s & my snappy wit… then I’m prepared to get them with the sweets!!!

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WARNING : I will be “infecting” all of my students tomorrow night during the first night of our new pottery session. My Beginning Wheel students better be ready… I hope their immunizations are up-to-date?!

For those who can’t quite ready the small type…

Symptoms: Continual complaint as to household duties. Paints day and night instead.
Sleepless nights dreaming up ideas. Anxiety waiting for final firing.
Swell head when you receive your first ribbon.


TREATMENT: medication is useless. disease is not fatal.
Victim should attend as many classes as possible.

Thanks for sharing Emily Murphy… and for spreading your own contagion “Blog-itis Maximus” to me several years ago. YOU are very contagious as well!!!

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